In Their Own Words – Writings from Persons Living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHA)

Human Red Ribbon

– Female 29-years

On this day we take out time to remember those we have lost to HIV/AIDS

Although we can’t bring them back, we can help others avoid the same fate by bringing awareness about prevention; and the knowledge of adherence to our loved ones.

For persons living with HIV we face many challenges, but I can only speak from my experience.  When I was younger I faced some discrimination from friends and family; but that was due to a lack of knowledge that persons had about the virus.

As studies advance I shared my knowledge, with friends and loved ones, about living with HIV and how it is spread.

Another major challenge I face on a daily is taking my medication and doing so on time.  That is why I am so grateful for my support system both at home and at The Bahamas AIDS Foundation.  When I get tired or lose hope or when I forget; I have my family, my partner and those in my tight circle, reminding me of why it is I have to fight.

I know that taking my medication will help to ensure that I can live a longer healthier life.  I say longer instead of normal because in my medical situation and with dating I have to inform people of my status.

Living with HIV you can find love, because I did.  I found a partner and I also have a healthy eight year old; so I have many reasons to do the right thing.

I have seen what not taking the medicine can do .  I have lost my grandmother, aunt, cousin and two very close friends to this disease.  That is not a path I want so I will continue to fight and hope for a cure.

Our little Island is only a rock, so let’s protect each other.

To the Sponsors, Founders, Workers and Volunteers that provide their time through the Foundation, I say THANK YOU!  You created a support system for those who don’t have one.  The Foundation through its Outreach Program gave me some of the best memories with some of the greatest people I know, and they will always be in my heart.

Speak Up
– Female 27-years

Sometimes we are afraid of what people might say,

Because of our situation

Sometimes we are afraid to open up your mouth and speak, because we are afraid of being humiliated

WE/YOU… didn’t ask to be in this situation

We can stop the spread of HIV/AIDS…..SPEAK UP!!!

Simply teaching everyone around us the many ways someone can become infected

That one of those ways is simply at birth… mother child transmission

Or someone can become infected just because someone wasn’t honest about themselves….their situation…..their status….their condition

That despite all of that…WE/YOU are NORMAL just like anyone else

So don’t be afraid to SPEAK UP!!!

– Female 14-years

AIDS is a disease we now face

Have a test done for HIV, or would you rather say NO NOT ME?

It’s better to have an HIV test so your mind could be at rest

This disease is not for the good or bad

It can just kill you and that’s so sad

Being diagnosed with HIV makes you feel like an OUTCAST

Some people are even scared to touch you or frighten to tie a lace on your shoe

Some would not call you on the phone, but instead leave you all alone

AIDS was not bought at the Mall, even though it can affect us ALL

Choice is you choose to be safe and nor sorry

Because HIV and AIDS is every ones worry

– A worker’s Point of View

We know that our routine of health care maybe tiresome to you

But guess what we see?

We see you caring for you

We see you taking time out for you

Because you care about us

We see you determined to make the best of a strange situation

We see you, we see you

Loving we see you

Fighting we see you

Caring we see you


Sharing Living, Here with us

And for that we say Thank you

For loving us enough, To WANT TO FIGHT to be here with us

– Female 15-years

It’s not moral to look at me and say

I’m not capable because of what you see

My gender doesn’t define my abilities

I assure you that I have much strength

So you can put your insults at ease

“A woman can’t do this”…how absurd

How could you utter such foul words?

Decrease my pride, indeed you did

However I prove my worth by going

Through the difficulties of baring a kid

Just like you yes I am

Just like you I know I can

Be a police be a contractor

Be intelligent be strong

End inequality between women and men

Discrimination between each gender wasn’t God’s plan

I’m human just like you

And as a matter of fact

A woman and do anything a man can do

– Female 15-years

Will you understand if I tell you by having unprotected sex you can become infested with the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)

Would you understand if I tell you it’s a sexually transmitted disease

that can put your partner at high risk?

If you’re unaware and don’t know if it’s there the, GET TESTED

You want the best for your partner and that is for them to not get infected

The pain that HIV can bring into one’s life

I just don’t know how to express it

But if we follow the HIV protocols we can end it

Would you understand if I told you there is no cure?

Would you understand if I told you your partner’s life is not assured?

Let’s end HIV

Make it a better and safe world for you and me